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Edmond, Oklahoma

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Private lesson, duet or class at the studio following all guidelines for health and safety. Studio and equipment are sanitized between clients.

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Digitize your private, duet or private class via Zoom. The same personalized instruction you trust at the convenience of home.

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Private Equipment Class

  • 3-4 Students

Private Mat Class


Pre-Formance - Pilates for Young Athletes

  • 30 Minute Session. Team training is also available. Call for pricing.
Pre-Formance - Young AthletesPre-Formance - Young AthletesPre-Formance - Young Athletes

PRE-Formance Pilates: Young athletes incorporating Pilates into their training practice to develop and improve 
their movement skills for the sport they play.  

Children and young adults have been greatly impacted by a sedentary culture. Physical activity, even among the youngest children, is more limited than ever in modern history. Gone are the days of playing outside all day, climbing trees, romping through creeks, rolling around on the ground, balancing on skates, or riding bikes for transportation. There are many reasons for this change in culture, but the impact on young bodies is profound.

Fast-forward and these same kids are playing high-level sports. They are often required to commit to a single sport, practice year-round and train performing professional drills. However, several building blocks of movement are likely missing in their bodies because they missed the play or the amount of play necessary to develop the movement intelligence needed to perform at the level their sport demands. Therefore, injuries occur due to missing skills, repetitive sport specific movements and very little cross-training.

PRE-Formance Pilates is designed to develop the missing movement skills and intelligence. The program was created for young athletes, to compliment their training, and help them prepare for practice and games. Performance is immediately improved, including speed, agility, efficiency, balance, coordination and mental focus.

Our PRE-Formance Pilates program works with individual athletes and teams.

Theresa & Tom:

Tom and I have worked with Leigh for three years now. We have worked with her both on site when she lived in Colorado and now virtually. I (Theresa) have been doing Pilates for over 20 years. Tom has been working with Pilates for six years. Both of us agree that Leigh has been a tremendous embellishment to our dual practice. She is precise, compassionate, a stickler for form and remarkably astute regarding anatomy, physiology and all the foibles that come with an individual body as one ages. She is a true and lasting treasure to both of us. We are so grateful to have her coaching both of us through this life process called Pilates.

Theresa & Tom

Courtney L.:

You simply will not find another Pilates instructor like Leigh. She spent years learning and training with the absolute best and it shows in every aspect of her practice. Her dedication to helping her clients improve their health and wellness is evident from your first meeting. Whether you’re looking for strength training, improved mobility or overall improved health she is easily Edmond’s best resource for Pilates instruction!

Courtney L.

Sophie M.:

Pure Pilates & Leigh personally took the time to help me learn how to re-hold my body so that my body pain either was eliminated or manageable. I have yet to find anyone better at mat Pilates, forever a believer. I highly recommend her. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ In my opinion

Sophie M.

Ellyn M.:

Leigh is an amazing instructor! She is very personal in her approach. She is watching each individual even in group classes and each persons needs that day. I’ve never been one to enjoy exercise, but Pilates is beneficial for my body in so many ways.

Ellyn M.

Leigh Reece

Teacher Training, Master's Program, Post-Graduate Program - The Pilates Center, Boulder, CO, NCPT, PMA Member

I'm Leigh - my passion is empowering people to restore their health and improve their lives through Pilates. Pure Pilates is a fully equipped boutique studio in Edmond, OK. I am the studio owner and a Classical Pilates instructor. My daily mission is to help my clients discover quality movement so they feel great. Every lesson is about building strength, suppleness, endurance, balance, and health in the whole body. I invite you my little oasis of restoration and refreshment.

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Pilates is a method of movement and exercise developed for over 60 years by Joeseph H. Pilates.  Utilizing the specialized equipment he designed, the method works by toning muscles, stimulating breath and circulation, facilitating muscular flexibility, and improving joint range of motion and proper musculoskeletal alignment. In addition, it promotes new neuromuscular patterns, heightened body awareness, and more precise coordination.
All these things combine to help prevent future re-injury and reduce – even in some cases alleviate – chronic pain altogether.

Pure Pilates is a Classical studio meaning we stay true to the original method as taught by Mr. Pilates
and passed on to one of his proteges, Romana Kryzanowska.

What is Pilates?
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