Beginner Classes

Learn the foundation of the reformer, chair and tower and mat work. This class focuses on learning the foundational and beginner level exercises on each piece of equipment and the transitions between exercises. Monday: Noon & 2:30 pm Wednesday: 9:00 am & Noon Friday: Noon

Intermediate Classes

Level 3 and above level reformer, mat, chair and tower class. This class incorporates more challenging exercises and pace with the transitions between exercises. Monday: 11:00 am Wednesday: 11:00 am* Thursday: 8:30 am Friday: 10:00 am *Intermediate to Advanced Level

Advanced Class

Level 4-5 Mat, Reformer, Chair and Tower following the classical order of exercises. The most challenging exercises and progression at a quick tempo. Enjoy the Pilates Method in its most complete form. Instructor permission required. Monday: 9:00 am Tuesday: 8:00 am