Leigh Reece

Leigh Reece
Master Pilates Teacher

Leigh has been teaching Pilates since 2008 when she graduated from The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program in Boulder, CO. She is also a graduate of The Pilates Center's Masters and Post-Graduate programs and is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, educated at New York University in Art History, Leigh’s teaching path began after a career in meeting and event planning.  An avid aerobics and step student, Leigh began teaching group fitness for fun in 2003.  After years of high impact exercise, teaching a strenuous schedule of aerobics, step, and strength training as well as Tae Kwan Do training, Leigh developed chronic back pain that threatened her ability to maintain her own fitness and do what she enjoyed most.  After being told by doctors she should never bend forward again, Leigh discovered Pilates and life was never the same.  Pilates changed her spine, shape and perception of exercise.  Consistent Pilates allowed her to continue to teach without pain. However, her traditional exercise mindset was challenged by the idea of restorative, integrated and intelligent movement.  

Her interest in working with people more effectively led her to The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program in Boulder, CO. The Pilates Center’s 900 hour curriculum is one of the most respected, comprehensive and rigorous training programs in the world.

In 2018, Leigh completed the Master Teacher program through The Pilates Center.  She is also a Host Advisor for The Pilates Center - Students in the Teacher Training Program at The Pilates Center can be mentored and work in her studio to complete much of their training and testing.  Leigh is currently working in the post-graduate program at The Pilates Center, focusing on young athletes and performance. Her "Pre-Formance" program is being developed and used by sports programs to help athletes perform in optimal health, integrity and efficiency.