Leigh Reece

Advanced Teacher Training, Master's Program, Post-Graduate Program - The Pilates Center, Boulder, CO, NCPT

I'm Leigh - my passion is empowering people to restore their health and improve their lives through Pilates. Pure Pilates is a fully equipped boutique studio in Oklahoma City, OK. I am the studio owner and a Classical Pilates instructor. My daily mission is to help my clients discover quality movement so they feel great. Every lesson is about building strength, suppleness, endurance, balance, and health in the whole body. I invite you my little oasis of restoration and refreshment.

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Salli Denner

Advanced Teacher Training - The Pilates Center, Boulder, CO

Salli Denner, a devoted classical Pilates instructor from Oklahoma City, seamlessly intertwines the principles of mind, body, and spirit in her teachings. Her approach to fitness extends beyond physical exercise, embracing the holistic philosophy of classical Pilates. Salli is driven by a genuine desire to witness the joy that comes from aligning the mind, body, and spirit through mindful movement. Her mission is to not only sculpt bodies but also to foster happiness and help individuals flourish in all aspects of their wellness.

Lea Gose

Advanced Teacher Training Apprentice - The Pilates Center, Boulder, CO

Lea is currently a trainee in the advanced teacher training program through The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. She took her first Pilates class, over ten years ago, and it was love at first class. Pilates feels essential to her. It’s a pathway that connects the mind, body and spirit through movement of muscle and breath. Her practice makes her feel good, strong and is consistently challenging while meeting her where she is each day. Her intention is to help others feel better, move better, get stronger and exist in ways that bring them more joy and return them to life.